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Welcome! In the whole, immense and exquisite tapestry of Life, the thread that you are helps to hold everything together – in beauty. The purpose of my work is to help you see that beauty in you, of you, and of the Whole. As the remnants of the past that block that vision and suppress the simple and natural joy of Being are cleared away, you become more and more free … free to appreciate and cultivate even more the gifts that you bring, and free to love and be loved for who you are.

At this time of intensified change and great awakening, the gift of your authentic Self is needed more than ever. Whatever path of healing and liberation you choose, I honor your courage, commitment, and willingness, and I celebrate you coming home to you … more about Elizabeth +
The Butterfly Book: The Inner Journey to the Beloved by Elizabeth Hess Stamper

"The Butterfly Book: The Inner Journey to the Beloved" by Elizabeth Hess Stamper

“In highly sensual and flowing poetic prose, Elizabeth's love story will inspire the reader towards deeper, more honest and authentic ways of loving.” - Renelle West, Author of Life with a Buckskinner

Each day for more than a month, Elizabeth wrote letters to someone she'd never met, and wasn't even sure existed. The Butterfly Book tells her story of falling in love with this beloved stranger first through the letters and the heart's privileged entry to the realm of imagination-and then meeting him in “real time,” where together they could explore love and passion face-to-face.

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Love is but a song to sing             Fear's the way we die  
You can make the mountains ring        Or make the angels cry
Though the bird is on the wing          And you may not know why
I am seventeen years old, lying in the back of a pick-up truck and staring at the sky. It's nighttime and there are millions of stars in the sky over Lake Erie. My parents don't know that tomorrow I'll cross the border into Canada and have several transformative experiences among the 70,000 other hippies at a weekend music festival. But right now, I'm just watching the stars . . . and listening to the sleeping sounds of a guy and his dog packed in close beside me. A gentle stoned fog has numbed my fear of dogs, and my aloneness.
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