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Welcome! In the whole, immense and exquisite tapestry of Life, the thread that you are helps to hold everything together – in beauty. The purpose of my work is to help you see that beauty in you, of you, and of the Whole. As the remnants of the past that block that vision and suppress the simple and natural joy of Being are cleared away, you become more and more free … free to appreciate and cultivate even more the gifts that you bring, and free to love and be loved for who you are.

At this time of intensified change and great awakening, the gift of your authentic Self is needed more than ever. Whatever path of healing and liberation you choose, I honor your courage, commitment, and willingness, and I celebrate you coming home to you … more about Elizabeth +
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I-580_W_(CA)_between_Pleasanton_and_Castro_ValleyI'm driving through the rounded hills of Alameda County, California, listening to unpublished tracks from my son's latest musical venture. Chris is sitting next to me making notes. He's using my journal as it's the only paper around so that's how I stumble across these words a few weeks later:  Suddenly 1. Verse Vocals up/More delays  2. Bass down?  3. When Bass & Elect G come in, it should all meld together a lil more . . . He sent these notes to Nick, the sound engineer/recording studio magician, who sits in front of a panel of a million dials, knobs, levers and switches and adjusts the sounds a fraction this way, a microsecond that way. Because the musician's preference and aesthetic, his auditory sensitivity and the "vision" of how the song should sound ask for exactly this. My untrained ear doesn't get the subtle differences that he hears, and yet when he points them out to me, I can. It makes me wonder. What if I could be that sensitive to the presence of the vibrations I emit every day? the-beatles-let-it-be1I may not be singing them, but they're still going "out there" from this mind/body/spirit instrument that I call "me". And, what if I could know which vibrations are allowing love and which are not? What if I could turn to the big control panel in my own awareness, the dials and switches of my neural anatomy, and turn the knob down on judgment and defensiveness and push the lever up on patience and compassion? What thought-energies are broadcasting "you are awesome and I love you" . . .  and which are not? And then turn up the volume on those that allow connection and turn down (or off) those that don't. A few years ago I got a simple sound system to use for Breathwork and Dance workshops and it has plenty of levers and switches to play with but only one dial that I love—the one marked 'Master Volume'. I get clear and immediate feedback whenever I use this one. So, in my clumsy analogy, this dial is the symbol for the allowing and acceptance of the present moment—just as it is. Let go of the need to change anything and turn up the volume of acceptance. Because acceptance of what is allows me to be peace and bring peace into right now. And every situation benefits when held in the energy of peace. images-7Someone is happy. Turn up the volume and let it in. Someone is upset. Offer the soothing sounds of no resistance. My body hurts. Reach for the dial that says, "it's all okay, it's just right now," and drop into the sound bath that embraces all the sensations, allows relaxation, and heals our hearts, minds and spirits. Chorus meld together a little more, please. Verse vocals up . . .      
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